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Your HVAC system choice will have a significant impact on the profitability and efficient operation of the store. Make sure you have the supermarket specialists on your side. We know your business and understand your space comfort and dehumidification priorities.

With CES, you’ll get the best HVAC solution, best results, best energy savings.

  • CES knows supermarkets best because that’s all we do.
  • CES has the industry’s most experienced team of cross-disciplinary supermarket HVAC experts.
  • CES solutions are designed for the unique space conditioning requirements of supermarkets.


Leave the complicated “heavy lifting” to us. Our job is to make your job easier by making smart engineering look simple.

  • Fast, plug and play installation minimizes downtime.
  • Simplified mechanical layout.
  • Easy-to-understand customer interfaces.
  • Systems and controls customized for your store.
  • Full redundancy planning.
  • Easy servicing and parts replacement.
  • Lightweight, compact design, ideal for new installations and retrofit applications.
  • Multi-Path systems operate efficiently in any region, under all load conditions.

Superior Results

When your HVAC system is designed by supermarket experts and customized for your location, you expect excellent results and energy savings. That’s exactly what you get with a CES Multi-Path system.

  • Industry-leading energy savings.
  • Best-in-class humidity control.
  • Optimized customer comfort.
  • Customized controls.
  • Long unit life – built to last 20-40 years.
  • Reduced environmental impact.
  • Energy rebates and LEED credits.
  • Short paybacks, exceptional ROI.
  • Low lifetime cost of ownership.

Service + Support

From first contact to post-installation and beyond, CES provides outstanding service and support to make your total ownership experience a positive one.

  • Complimentary store design and energy use analysis lets you see costs, savings and results before you buy.
  • Exceptional, accountable customer service.
  • We work in partnership with your team.
  • Rebate application assistance.
  • Accelerated lead time options – as fast as 24-hours.
  • Off-the-shelf parts, no belts or pullies.
  • Industry-leading, non-prorated warranties.
  • Free lifetime technical support.

Free Store Analysis

Talk is cheap, so put us to the test.

When you accept the CES Multi-Path Challenge, we’ll carry out a complimentary full-store design and energy use analysis that shows in hard numbers the difference Multi-Path can make to your store environment and your bottom line.

At no cost to you, we will:

  • Perform a comprehensive, full-store analysis at the location of your choice.
  • Model your store’s existing system as a baseline.
  • Analyze the energy usage and cost benefits of alternative solutions.
  • Demonstrate how a CES Multi-Path solution compares in cost, energy usage and ROI.

No cost. No risk. No obligation.

There is no risk or obligation on your part, simply an opportunity to see your costs and savings before you engage us.

Contact us now to accept the Multi-Path Challenge or for more information!

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Why do leading supermarket chains choose CES Multi-Path solutions?


We know supermarkets best, so you get the best solutions, best results.


Plug & play design makes it
simple to get the wet out for less.


Best-in-class humidity control
and energy savings you have
to see to believe.

Service +

Stress less with CES:
easy installation, best-in-class warranties and lifetime tech support.

Take the CES Multi-Path Challenge.

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